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Coaching and Healing Services

My passion is to help you awaken to the true leader and creative individual that you are - whether you are at the office, working in your community or at home with your family.

SERVICE #1 - Holistic Voice and Performance Coach

There are so many aspects of performance and singing that many technical/pedagogy books and vocal coaches simply do not address. Singing is 99% psychological. How you feel about yourself, your relationship with your body, your self worth and with the world around you play the biggest roles in this relationship. You could take years of classical or technical training with the best teachers in the world, but if you do not feel good and confident about yourself in your own skin, if you don’t like the sound of your voice or you are too terrified to share your gifts with the world in the way you were hoping or intending, all that technical training is for not. Regardless of what any singing teacher will tell you, singing is and should be your own intuitive process and wonderful exploration. Singing is an intimate, deep and delicate relationship with your inner self and your soul. It is your soul’s expression. And all of this comes through an apparatus that is about the size of a walnut! Singing expresses the soul! Technical training without consideration for this beautiful, elusive and delicate relationship is like laying concrete over a gorgeous marsh land teaming with natural wildlife. No two bodies, psychologies or life experiences are the same: and there can be hundreds of different circumstances that play into the vast, complex and dynamic relationship we have with ourselves and our voice.

Do you feel and desire to perform or speak publicly, are you are trying to find your own unique vocal sound and expression? Have you had classical or technical lessons and find yourself discouraged and more confused? Do you break out in a cold sweat and your knees shake just thinking about getting up in front of others to present or speak? You are not alone.

If you are a speaker or a performer and are struggling to overcome terrifying stage fright, find your balance onstage, get beyond the negative inner self talk, find an authentic vocal expression or just want to take your performance to the next level I can help you. If anything you have read here resonates with you, then you are in the right place.

Stage fright is the #1 fear for people all over the world. I believe it is because we are dealing with two major fears at one time when we are on stage: the fear of being ridiculed by our peers and the fear of not having control over our bodies.  However, stage fright can be managed and overcome with the right resources and practice. In performance coaching, we learn how the dynamic nervous system works and gain powerful embodiment tools that can help to manage and mitigate these intense fears. Understanding the nervous system is a huge first step. You also have the opportunity to practice the tools you gain in coaching with me by taking part in the public speaking and performance open mic or by practicing one to one in our sessions.

SERVICE #3 - Healing Sessions and Light Language Grids

SERVICE #2 - 1 to 1 Coaching and Spiritual Counseling

I work one-on-one with clients to help unlock their inner voice to get to their most aligned self. This is the space where we operate from the wisdom of our heart space, to embrace our heart’s desires, to embody who we are and want to become and to identify ad unravel core limiting beliefs and thought forms that hold us back. When we move forward from heart intelligence, we function from a place of self-empowerment, aligned decision making, personal growth, and connection to one’s higher self. As we rebuild positive core beliefs and connect with the truth of who we are, we work toward the future with a guided personal and compassionate micro stepped approach to pursue the life you want to live.

Sometimes the things that are holding us back from fully striving are subconscious negative core beliefs. We receive these patterns through our parental imprint, through our genetic family DNA, through social messaging and programming from our peers. Much of this subconscious programming is fully developed by the age of seven. These subconscious beliefs run like an unchecked program, much like a computer virus, that gunk up our true essence, our inner light and our soul’s purpose.

These subconscious beliefs become a subtle background noise or a looping tape that influences our outlook on life, our self-esteem and self-worth, our behaviors and the situations and people that we attract to us. There has to be more to life than playing out difficult patterns and memories over and over. Continual pain and struggle in relationships, with money, with our careers or work and in our family dynamics become exhausting. This struggle can create feelings of stagnancy, frustration and helplessness. These beliefs can also create blockages in the body and subtle energy system around the body that can lead to chronic pain, dis-ease and mental health issues. 

We can find ourselves in a continual pattern of “mirroring” these beliefs with our surrounding environment until we wake up one day and realize that something has to be amiss. These patterns keep us from living in love and connection, which is our true seat of power and our human birthright.

Using tools such as mindfulness, breath work, embodiment techniques through vocalization, Emotional Freedom Technique, guided imagery, shamanic journeying, writing, Timeline Healing, Kundalini Yoga and chakra clearing, we work together to heal painful and limiting beliefs, to rebuild the nervous system, heal past memories and assist you in moving forward in all areas of life. You are then able to align with your true inner voice; to create your most beautiful, honest, sacred, happy and empowered life.

SERVICE #4- Three Month Mentorship Program

These sessions are an advanced form of energetic healing that work on the physical and energetic fields of the body to create multi-level healing for the client in mind, body and spirit. I have trained in many modalities such as Body Talk, Natural Force Healing and Web Working, but most of the work I do is through my training with the Mayan Curandero Lineage. Sessions usually last around and hour fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. Please consider hydrating well a few days prior to a healing session.  If you have any questions about healing sessions,  feel free to reach out to me in the contact form.

Some things that can be addressed in a healing session:

  • Repair holes, tears and gashes in the energetic field

  • Soul retrieval

  • Relationship chord cutting and forgiveness ceremony

  • Balance of misalignments in the body-mind system

  • Removal of devices and implants

  • Aligning the etheric body

  • Removing vows or curse locks

  • Healing past life and current life issues 

  • Karmic clearing

  • Healing dimensional mis-alignments, cracks, abrasions, rips, etc.

  • Releasing miasmas, whirlpools, vortices, saboteurs

  • Major clearing of discarnates, and demonics

  • 144 dimensional healing on all levels

  • Spontaneous remission of chronic ailments

  • Hands on healing to address specific needs

*Most sessions can be conducted at a distance and have a very powerful outcome. You do not need to be physically present for a healing session.


Light Language is a light speed healing technique and language passed down through the Mayan-Aztec Masters. Light language uses sacred geometry and color to carry information codes on light waves. Light language is the basic structure and building blocks of the Universe. Everything we desire and believe that has manifested from our thoughts and feelings is held within the structure and codes of Light Language.

Light language grids can reconfigure everything from your personal aura, to your home space. It can facilitate in personal protection, healing of disease, manifesting a desired job or property or change patterns of behavior and beliefs. It can also be used for healing and assisting larger causes and issues on a regional and global scale.

We start out with you by creating a personal grid for you which must be set over a three day period. Once that grid is set in your auric field, we can proceed to creating other grids for your home or property or we can create 49-shaped grids for growing prosperity, manifesting relationships, for spiritual and personal growth or healing codes for up to 165 diseases. The grids work to overwrite any core of dis-ease and dis-harmony and facilitate in creating a more balanced blueprint (by perfectly rewriting the script of your life.)

One of the greatest aspects of writing a grid for a client is the Light Language requirement of also creating a grid that gives back to a community or the planet. This is something we can partner on that can be anything from assisting in the local animal shelter to helping heal rifts between countries or regional issues.

I write the Light Language grid based on our communication and intentions and I mail them to you when they are complete. Please allow 5 to 7 days after order to receive the grid. Personal grids require three days of setting them before I can mail them to you.

Light Language Grids

Our inner voice is our most powerful and direct channel to the highest expression of ourselves. Many of us hear the whispers of our soul but struggle to recognize or follow through on the messages. Inner Song Mentoring is a three month personal coaching program designed to help you develop your inner voice, activate your powerful personal sound code, and align with the direct communication of your inner heart, your inner guidance system.

Each of us is here to heal and grow into our courage and our personal truth. There is a specific reason you have incarnated onto the Earth at this time. The ability to hear the intuitive intelligence of one's own voice is one of the most efficient ways to remove the layers of trauma, karma and patterns that are holding us back from fulfilling our soul's mission.

Over the 3 month program you’ll receive tailored mentoring, tools and practices that are easy to integrate into your life. Through Jenee’s unique experience and training in holistic voice, energy healing modalities, mindfulness, emotional integration techniques and creativity practices, you’ll receive a bespoke process of self-exploration to unlock subconscious belief patterns and uncover your true skills, natural gifts and abilities.

There has never been a better or more supportive time to speak your truth and come into your full power. In fact, the world needs your gifts and voice to heal the planet and usher in a new age of enlightenment. Learn to tap into your own healer and be in constant communication with the truest source of guidance - the voice of your Self. Please reach out to me or book a 15 -minute free consultation below to learn more about the program.






Daily Journaling - Upon waking or when you can write without distraction, get a pen and paper (not the computer) and set a timer for 15 minutes to free write. You can write about anything: how you feel, how your week is going, a memory of the past. The key is to not stop or pause the pen until the 15 minutes are up. Choose one word to write repeatedly in case you freeze or get caught in thinking about what you are writing. The idea is to just write without pondering or questioning what you are writing. Put the pen down when the alarm goes off.  Read it at the end of the week.



Record Your Voice - Recognizing your true authentic voice. Record your voice while you are doing tasks such as talking with your family or on the phone. You can also record yourself while you are practicing a speech or while out running errands. Listen back and notice when your voice sounds like you and when your voice sounds monotone, rigid, inauthentic or doesn't match your internal voice. You can also record and watch yourself back on video. Each time name five things you like about your voice. It can be the tone, timbre, expression or the way you turned a phrase. 



Try Different Dialects - Take 10 to 15 minutes each day to try on a different voice. You can focus on one voice or dialect a week. This can be the dialect of a person you admire or wish to emulate. Listen to the way this person carries a phrase, the glides and pitches in their speaking voice. How they elongate or shorten a vowel. Where does their voice radiate from? Is it low in the belly or high up in their head? Observe their body language without the sound on. Try to copy or emulate the body language. Is it confident, graceful, alluring, powerful? Is is consistent with their voice?



Tuning Into Your Heart - Mindfulness and meditation focused on the connecting and opening the heart center helps us align with our truest voice and inner song. Taking five to ten minutes a day to tune into our heart center builds the muscles of connection between our inner voice and our outer communication. Over time these two voices align into the voice of our soul, our inner song. After you tune in, take five minutes write down any insight that came from your meditation. We often get intuitive hits and guidance during these session that can help us in our daily lives. Try this guided heart centered journey..

InnerSong.com and Jenee Halstead are not a substitute for responsible medical care for the treatment of injury and illness. InnerSong.com and Jenee Halstead do not diagnose or prescribe substances, nor interfere with treatment of a licensed medical professional. I encourage you to seek the advice of a medical professional as part of your healing regimen.