Public Speaking & Presentation Coaching 

Your Sound Signature - understand the role that your sound current plays in the success of your brand, business, leadership and team building.

Your sound signature or sound current is a frequency imprint in both your physical and digital communication. It can make or break a sale, a business deal, an election or whether or not an audience gets behind your message. Your sound current is not only the sound you project from your voice, but the manner in which you communicate. It is the sound of "who you are," how you carry yourself and the blueprint you project from your life attitude, your beliefs, your life experience and your overall health. Refining your sound signature or sound current, as well as alignment with your true messaging is the key to standing out in a crowded marketplace. Aligning with your liberated authentic expression is the key to having major impact. 

Benefits of speaking and presentation coaching include:

  • Learn tools and embodiment practices that will align you to your authentic message and voice so that you move through the world in confidence with your mission and your fullest expression intact. 

  • Learn to access various ranges of vocal timbre and power

  • Learn to communicate your message from a place of personal alignment and authenticity

  • Understand the underlying energy imprint behind your voice

  • Understanding the role of the diaphragm, navel and pelvic floor play in performance and leadership.

  • Gain vocal efficiency and hygiene skills to keep your voice sounding smooth, strong and clear.

  • Harness the energy of stage fright for our ultimate self-expression to move others in a positive way.

“I always look forward to my time with Jenee. She is so patient, a great vocal coach and person! She is extremely knowledgeable about the voice, the sound current, and techniques on how to access those different channels, and how to care for the voice. She gives me such encouraging and uplifting advice and tips. I am not a singer, and do not have a lot of confidence in that department, I work primarily with Jenee for voice over and narration training. But her encouragement has helped me look at my voice, and love it in a way that I never had before. I would recommend Jenee to anyone. And honestly, I wish I could meet with her weekly for the rest of my life!  If you’re serious about developing your voice, Jenee is perfect.” - Suzanne Warfield



Before my singing lessons, I struggled with expressing my needs and boundaries in relationships. I believe that my lessons with Jenee, have helped me to express myself more in relationships. My relationships have improved because I am speaking my truth more.


Jenee's vocal teaching has empowered and awakened my voice. Her approach to projection, poise and technique has shown me how to open up and sing like I mean it. I'm feeling better than ever while performing!


Jenee is an expert at finding the perfect technique for making your vocal cords the happiest possible. If you are already a self taught lead singer who feels pretty confident, or if you are a background singer or only sing just for fun, you can benefit from vocal lessons more than you think.  I really wish I had done this earlier.