Energy Healing and Light Language Grids

These sessions are an advanced form of energetic healing that work on the physical and energetic fields of the body to create multi-level healing for the client in mind, body and spirit. I have trained in many modalities including  Body Talk, Natural Force Healing and Web Working, but most of the energy healing I do is from the ancient Mayan Curandero Lineage. Sessions usually last around and hour fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. Please consider hydrating well a few days prior to a healing session.  If you have any questions about healing sessions,  feel free to reach out to me in the contact form. 

Benefits from energy healing include:​

  • Quicker recovery of injury and surgery

  • Reestablish communication between body/mind system

  • Increased energy

  • Stress reduction

  • Feeling happier and more in flow

  • Overcoming chronic illness and imbalance

  • Being able to move forward in your life

  • Having a greater sense of connection to your soul and higher self

  • Finding peace and contentment with issues that troubled you in the past and release emotional blocks

  • Healing past life karma 

  • Letting go of relationships, forgiveness work

  • Release of intense emotion

  • Improve overall health and well being 

  • Spontaneous remission of cancers 

  • Tumors dropping from the body

  • Soul Retrieval 


Light Language Grids

Light Language is a light speed healing technique and language passed down through the Mayan-Aztec Masters. Light language uses sacred geometry and color to carry information codes on light waves. Light language is the basic structure and building blocks of the Universe. Everything we desire and believe that has manifested from our thoughts and feelings is held within the structure and codes of Light Language.

Light Language grids are created to assist you in expanding your aura and the gifts you have come to receive in this life to share with the world. They can also help with protecting physical objects, manifesting a partner or job or healing core issues. Learn more about the benefits of Light Language.

Benefits of Light Language include:

  • Creating stability, balance and expansion in your aura

  • Overcoming and healing core issues such as low self-esteem, anger, addiction

  • Overcoming and healing specific dis-eases

  • Manifesting a home, the perfect job or a soul mate

  • Creating more cash flow or increasing your income

  • Protecting property, creating flow and harmony in a space or changing the energies in your home.

  • Healing and overcoming character issues and past life karma that are holding you back

  • Evolving one's soul

  • Assist you with your life mission and destiny path

It's hard to put into words how important Jenee has been to my personal growth. I rely on her intuitive gifts and insight on everything from career and relationship advice, to input on creative projects and health goals. And beyond her empathy, curiosity, and deep well of spiritual wisdom, she does something many light workers don't do: She offers practical strategies that put you in the driver's seat of your healing. - J.T.



My first experience with healing and with Jenee was awesome. She has a very calming, positive presence. It was a comfortable session and there were tears as we worked on some emotional pieces of my life. I felt a very physically powerful feeling when she cut various cords that were attached from me to someone close to me. I needed to forgive this person and move forward in my life.  It was definitely an emotional experience that left me feeling lighter.


I needed to heal my voice that felt crushed in my previous roles that didn't value my perspective. Through a series of tools, exercises, and continuous support from Jenee, I started to see incredible changes in my life. I could see the direct impact that my singing lessons have made in my life. I became more confident in myself and what I had to say.


I loved your voice workshop and it was so funny at the time I didn't even think about it, but the next day I was going to be live on State radio and they also made me record an ad to play on the radio. At first I was like aaaah an ad?! I did it anyway and I really loved my voice for the first time ever. So wonderful! I was practicing your warm ups on my way to the radio station so thank you!