Holistic Voice & Performance Coaching

Regardless of what any singing coach will tell you, singing is and should be your own intuitive process and personal exploration. Singing is an intimate, deep and delicate relationship with your inner self and your soul. It is part of your soul’s most direct expression. Holistic voice takes the entire person and their life experience into consideration. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects that make up who you are have an effect on your voice and vice versa.  Your stories and life experiences are also vital to this self inquiry. Opening and connecting with your voice can foster a beautiful relationship with yourself. At the same time, releasing and opening the voice can lead to healing personal struggles and fears - from self-worth issues to stuck trauma in the body. 

Benefits of singing include:

  • Enjoying the sound of your voice

  • Improving tone, hearing and overall sound of your voice

  • Feeling more confident and self assured

  • Moving stuck energy in the body

  • Improving your mood and mental health

  • Being able to express your truth

  • Greater connection to yourself 

  • Improve speaking abilities

  • Stimulates immune response

  • Better understanding of the bodies breathing mechanism

  • Stress reduction

  • Toning the vagal nerve

  • Increased hormones like oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine

Jenee came highly recommended to me and I am so pleased to have finally found a teacher who can really help me take my vocals to the next level. Jenee understands the physical, emotional and intangible elements of singing (and other aspects of the performing arts) and talks to me about them in ways that are easy for me to understand and apply to what I already know.  - Nima Samini



Three lessons in and so far I am most surprised by how Jenee’s voice lessons are making me so much more aware and conscious of my body in a way I did not expect. It’s blowing my mind. I am so thankful.


I am super fortunate to have been connected with Jenee. For me, she’s not a teacher with a lesson agenda, but rather a mentor who is helping me with my agenda. She is incredibly talented and is happy to answer any question I have, from singing to writing to performing, in a way that is truly helpful for where I am in my musical journey (the beginning). Additionally, her shared knowledge and encouragement have boosted my confidence. I no longer feel like I could possibly do the things I want to do, I am doing them!


As a radio DJ I cannot work without a voice, so my vocal health is imperative.  I feel very fortunate to be able to reach out to Jenee when I need guidance.  Jenee's knowledge of the voice and how to care for the vocal cords not only helped soothe my ailments, but also ease my mind.  Her advice stretches far beyond the traditional age old remedies of lemon and honey."  I would recommend her for services to anyone looking to maintain vocal health.